Accounting & Finance introduces basic and advanced accounting fundamentals and concepts. These are the foundations of best practices that allows for the determination of true profitability of the business as a whole as well as individual profit centers and veterinarians

“Profit is more than the money that is left over.”

Operational Efficiency is the capability of the practice to deliver its products or services to the clients in the most cost-effective manner possible, while ensuring the high quality of its products, services, and support. Activity based costing provides the structure to meet this goal.

Financial & Managerial Reporting provides tools for dashboards, benchmarking, and valuations that provide the manager useful information for proactive decision making.

Inventory Management Solutions present the concepts of just-in-time supply chain management, inventory control, and inventory contribution to the cash conversion cycle.

Business Strategy can be improved by utilizing proven models based on academic research. These provide the framework to align resources and strategyWhether starting a business or preparing for sale, developing and managing the right strategic plan aligned with your goals will maximize your return.

Marketing & Brand Management is more than having a Facebook page. The curriculum will explore Marketing Strategy, Research, Management, and Budgeting to gain a competitive advantage.

Leadership, Managerial Communication, and Organizational Behavior are very closely related and essential skills to facilitate meeting your strategic goals. Misalignment can negatively affect culture, customer service, and ultimately the bottom line.

Compensation Planning for both professional and support staff is more than a salary, it must align both short and long-term goals to motivate and reward employees.

Negotiation Skills can be useful for building relationships with clients, associates and suppliers. Negotiation styles can be adapted to multiple scenarios. Successful bargaining means looking for positives in every possible circumstance.

Pricing and Margin Analysis provides analytics to answer that age-old question “how much should I charge?”