General Terms and Conditions

Article 1: Definitions

Client:  a natural person or a corporation with whom the agreement for the enrollment in the education program for the student has been made.

Student: the natural person who will enroll in the study.

Study program: a course, training, seminar or workshop with the purpose to gain insights and or increase knowledge and or skills related to leadership and business management in the veterinary industry. When applicable, the program that will be offered by the International Business School for Veterinarians, if passed, leads in case of an accreditation by the Accreditation Organization of the Netherlands and Flanders to the award of a Dutch title or degree listed and recognized in the WHW. Also, accreditation of the Veterinary Committee of Continuing Education (VETCEE) of the Federation of European Veterinarians for Veterinary Practice Management can apply to our programs.

Article 2: Applicability

  1. These General Terms and Conditions are applicable to all offers of the International Business School for Veterinarians (IBSV).
  2. Changes or adjustments of the General Terms and Conditions will be communicated by the IBSV clearly on the website.
  3. Enrolment for the study programs of IBSV implicate the acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions.
  4. General Terms and Conditions from the client do not apply when they conflict with these IBSV General Terms and Conditions.

Article 3: Enrollment in the Study program

  1. IBSV will issue the tuition fee of their study programs on their website every year.
  2. Clients and students that register for these programs through the website agree to the tuition fee and to these General Terms and Conditions.

Article 4: Tuition Fee

  1. IBSV will charge a tuition fee for the veterinary Master of Business Administration (MBA) program 2019 – 2020 of € 33.000.
  2. This does not include hotel and travel expenses in and to the Netherlands.
  3. Traveling to Ashridge, UK from Amsterdam and lodging during the Change Management Module there is included.
  4. It includes all beverages and meals during the education.
  5. It includes free access to the digital EBSCO management library during the MBA study program.
  6. In the Netherlands this education in free of sales tax (BTW).

Article 5: Payment

  1. After registration the IBSV will invoice the client accordingly
  2. Payment is due according to the due date on the invoice by bank transfer to an IBSV bank account of choice as written on the invoice.
  3. If the tuition fee is not paid within the period specified in the invoice, the student is in default by operation of law, without the need for any further notice of default, and will owe interest from that date at 1% per month, to be calculated from the date on which the default commences, for which purpose part of a month will be regarded as a full month.
  4. If the tuition fee is not paid, or not in time by the client, IBSV will charge the client all expenses related to this. Some are judicial and extrajudicial costs estimated on at least 15% of the claimed amount.

Article 6: Cancellation by the client

The client has two weeks to reflect after registration for the veterinary MBA and can cancel the registration without any reason. After these two weeks the following cancellation policy applies:

  1. Cancellation before the start of the curriculum must be done in writing (can also be email).
  2. With cancellation up to a month before the start of the curriculum the client must pay the IBSV 10% of the tuition fee.
  3. With cancellation between a month and two weeks before the start of the curriculum the client must pay the IBSV 50% of the tuition fee.
  4. With cancellation between two weeks before and the start of the curriculum the client must pay the full tuition fee to the IBSV.
  5. During the veterinary MBA cancellation is not possible. Discontinuation of the veterinary MBA does not entitle the customer to any paybacks.

Article 7: Cancellation by IBSV

IBSV reserves the right to cancel a Study Program if there are insufficient enrollments for it. Students who have enrolled for that Study Program will receive written notice of its cancellation. In that case, they will not be charged any costs and any amounts already paid will be refunded (without interest). IBSV is not liable for any damage or loss that the Student suffers if such a Study Program is unexpectedly canceled, unless IBSV acts with intent or is grossly negligent

Article 8: Force Majeure

  1. IBSV guarantees the continuation of veterinary MBA study program except for a Force Majeure.
  2. Force Majeure means every circumstance beyond the control of IBSV that is of such a nature that IBSV cannot reasonably be required to continue the education.
  3. Force Majeure also includes (apart from written in law and jurisdiction) all causes from outside the influence of IBSV, predictable or unpredictable that prevent IBSV from delivering. This also includes fire, accidents, strikes, illness and diseases, natural disasters, terrorism, war, government demands, transport problems.
  4. If it is affected by force majeure, IBSV will be entitled to suspends its obligations for the veterinary MBA, subject to giving notice of the circumstances that have caused this force majeure.
  5. If the period during which the fulfillment of IBSV obligations is not reasonably possible because of force majeure lasts longer than two months, the client and IBSV may jointly decide to terminate the education, without this giving rise to any obligation to pay compensation.
  6. If IBSV has partly fulfilled its obligations or can only partly fulfill its obligations when the force majeure commences, it will be entitled to invoicing the part that has been or will be performed separately and the client must pay this invoice as though it relates to a separate contract.
  7. In case of an existing disease with one of the teachers, IBSV guarantees a replacement.

Article 9: Liability

  1. Unless it acts with intent or is grossly negligent, IBSV is not liable for any harm done to a student or client while, or because of, participating in the veterinary MBA, or termination of the veterinary MBA by the IBSV.
  2. In case the IBSV is liable to damage this will be capped at the amount of the invoice.
  3. Derivative damage will not be compensated.

Article 10: Intellectual Property Rights

All items provided by IBSV, such as books, readers and software are subject to copyrights of IBSV or third parties and are intended to be used by the student only for purpose of his studies. The items referred to in this article may not be reproduced, publicized and or in any other way disclosed or provided to third parties both during and after the term of the veterinary MBA without IVBS written express and prior consent.

Article 11: Disputes

  1. A complain or dispute between the client and the IBSV regarding the veterinary MBA content or an administrative procedure, must be addressed in writing to the school IBSV director and will be answered in writing.
  2. A complain or dispute regarding invoicing also must be in writing and within 8 days after the date on the invoice according to the same procedure as in 10.1.

Article 12: Applicable Law

  1. Only Dutch law applies to all offers and agreements between client and IBSV.
  2. Disputes that cannot be settled out of court will be submitted exclusively, at the initiative of either party, to the competent judge for that case at the Central Netherlands District Court.

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