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Master in Business Administration (MBA)

Business administration is defined as the performance or management of business operations and decision making. This includes the efficient organization of people and other resources, so that all activities work toward common goals and objectives. It is mainly concerned with leadership, sales and marketing, quality assurance, corporate finance, management of business processes, human resources and business strategy. Legal and technical processes in companies are also considered. The MBA graduate will also gain insight into social and psychological processes that are important for understanding and explaining consumer behavior, as well as the design of effective personnel policy.

The Veterinary Touch

Our broad range of interrelated, state-of-the-art program modules gives students insight into the kind of knowledge that experienced managers share when it comes to management issues. The modules are practically based and will have an emphasis on the veterinary profession. The most important assets of our MBA program are our professors and top lecturers, all of whom have both extensive practical experience and strong didactic skills. In addition, the international group of veterinarians with their experience network will drive the specific cases you will have to work on.

The Program

Our veterinary MBA program includes 26 modules presented in 9 streams

Stream 1 Assignments and Support for MBA Track
This stream is needed when you want to go for the full veterinary MBA program. It includes the teamwork on projects, support from the professor and the presentations of both projects. It also includes exams on the modules 1 – 10. It can be started right at the beginning of the year or you can decide to join later when you have already followed other streams.

Stream 2 Marketing Strategy and Concepts
Marketing has always been a bit of a uncomfortable topic in the veterinary profession. However, marketing is more than selling your services. It is also about providing the best service to your customers, tailored to their needs and expectations. You will learn about marketing strategies and tools and how to implement them professionally.

Stream 3 Strategy Development for Organizations
Developing a viable and obtainable strategy is key for any kind of company. Knowing where you are and where you want to go is just the beginning. A good strategy will take you there. You will learn how to develop a personal and a company strategy using creative tools to learn more about yourself and about your staff’s needs.

Stream 4 Selling and Negotiation
Veterinarians are not real champions in selling their services. However, when you know more about your customers and their needs (marketing,) offering services and products for a good price is key. You will get more insights in sales processes in general and tools how to set up and communicate a pricing system for your practice.

Stream 5 Realizing Efficient Company Operations
The veterinarian and his/her practice is only a small part of a larger supply chain that delivers health, happiness and business to the animals and their owners. There are more players in this field that need each other to be successful. How can you play a role in the larger picture as practice owner and innovate more together with other stakeholders to create mutual benefit?

Stream 6 Understanding Finances and Financial Strategies
This is not an accountancy course but it provided veterinarians insights in finances and financial strategy, a much needed foundations for a solid and sustainable practice. It also provides knowledge on how practices are valued and why PE companies are interested in veterinary practices.

Stream 7 Leadership and Human Resources
Key asset, specifically in a serving industry, is staff. Paying enough attention to your people, keeping them motivated and leading them (by example) are so important. However, this is easier said then done. This stream will help you to improve your leadership skills and become the employer of preference for excellent staff.

Stream 8 Implementing Change in Organizations
One of the most difficult things in companies, your family or your personal life is implementing change. Even when you have the most beautiful plan in place how do you get everyone to buy in and move in the same direction together? This is the longest of our streams with very seasoned speakers to help you make change happen!

Stream 9 The Digital Revolution
There is an unprecedented development of new digital tools for almost everything in life. This has an incredible impact on the way we perform veterinary medicine, how we connect to our customers and how we connect to our patients and staff. We have international experts from the veterinary- and human field to keep us updated.

Zeist Castle, the home of the International Business School for Veterinarians

The facilities at Zeist Castle in the Netherlands are outstanding and so is the action-learning style of education and the guidance that students receive throughout their studies. The program can easily be integrated into the dynamics of the students’ work and private life and all work assignments and cases will be directly applicable to their business. Students must have a university degree and have had at least a few years of experience in a management position and/or as a veterinarian professional. They will also have the desire to develop themselves personally and professionally.

Accreditation process

The program is aiming at educating the future (thought) leaders of the veterinary practices/profession by providing students with leadership and management acumen. IBSV is in the accreditation process of the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, to be registered as an educational institute at University level. In addition, the educational program is in the process of accreditation by the Veterinary Continuous Education in Europe (VETCEE) for a European professional accreditation for Veterinary Education Programs in Management of Veterinary Practices. This will provide the students who have successfully completed all exams the unique title of Master of Business Administration (MBA) for Veterinarians.

Cost and Timing

The Master of Business Administration program will start September every year; the schedule is available online.
The costs of the full MBA program are € 33.000. The price of the different streams is € 3.195 – € 4.260 depending on
the hours of education (45 – 60 hour). As a service, the International Business School of Veterinarians offers participants the opportunity to pay in instalments over the entire program period.


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